Research group Berne

The BILD study is only possible thanks to an engaged, international, interdisciplinary research team.  Our team is comprised of PhD and Master's students, researchers, administrators and study nurses.  The team is led by Prof. Dr. med. Urs Frey (Basel) and Prof. Dr. med. Philipp Latzin (Bern). Click on the Research group Berne link for more information about our team in Berne.

Former Researchers for the BILD Cohort in Bern

 in alphabetical order

PhD Students

  • Fuchs Oliver
  • Hutten Jeroen
  • Kieninger Elisabeth
  • Korten Insa
  • Latzin Philipp
  • Proietti Elena
  • Schmidt Anne
  • Singer Florian
  • Stern Georgette
  • Yammine Sophie


  • Abbas Chiara
  • Baldwin David
  • Cangiano Giulia
  • Cernelc Mateja
  • Hall Graham
  • Kyburz Manuela
  • Mack Ines
  • Minocchieri Stefan
  • Pachlopnik Iana
  • Petrus Nicole
  • Pramana Isabella
  • Regamey Nicolas
  • Reinman Beni
  • Rohia Hanna
  • Sutter Oliver
  • Thamrin Cindy
  • Zanolari Maura

Study Nurses

  • Becher Christine
  • Graf Monika
  • Hofer Barbara
  • Staub Heidi