Prof. Dr. Philipp Latzin

Head of Paediatric Pulmonology at the University of Bern Children's Hospital

Prof. Latzin graduated from the University of Munich in 2002, where he remained to complete his MD thesis and started his training as a paediatrician in the Dr. von Haunerschen Kinderklinik. He then continued his research and clinical training at University Hospital of Bern, where he completed his PhD in Epidemiology and Respiratory Physiology in 2008. He completed his training in Peadiatrics in 2010 and in Paediatric Pulmonology in 2012. Prof. Latzin worked as a consultant for the Paediatric Pulmonology and Head of the Lung Function Research Group at the University Hospital of Bern before he moved to Basel to take up the position of Botnar Tenure Track Assistant Professor (TTAP) for Paediatric Pulmonology at the University Children's Hospital of Basel in 2013. In 2016, he accepted the position of Head of Paediatric Pulmonology at University Children's Hospital Bern. 

Prof. Latzin's major research interests include the developmental physiology of children with and without lung diseases, especially with regards to the role of environmental pollutants. In 2009 he has presented results on the adverse effects of pollution during pregnancy on lung function in the newborn. He is also interested in the development and standardisation of innovative and non-invasive lung function tests. In 2011 he has presented an easy and promising lung function test for the early diagnosis of lung involvement in cystic fibrosis, is involved in international consensus on multiple-and single-breath gas-washout tests and is heading several multi-center-studies investigating the clinical application of new lung function tests.

Prof. Latzin has published over 50 articles in the last 5 years in well ranked journals in the field of Paediatrics and Pulmonology. He has received several awards in the field of Paediatric Pulmonology, including the Klosterfrau Award in 2009. Prof. Latzin is involved in training and support of PhD students and post-doctoral fellows as well as MD students.

He is a father of three children and lives in Bern with his family.